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TRICS® 7.1.3 Coming Soon
We are pleased to confirm that Friday 12th December 2014 is the date for the next TRICS® system and database update, version 7.1.3. Work is currently underway on inputting and validating new survey data to be included in the database imminently, across a number of different regions.

Continuing with our approach to continuous system development, we shall also be introducing the following new system features in the new release.
  • A handy new link to a map of car ownership rates by region in England and Wales.
  • A new dwelling type of “Town Houses” within the split of dwellings for individual residential site records, to apply to all new data being added following the release of version 7.1.3.
  • A “peak hour analysis” bar chart, available once a trip rate calculation has been undertaken. This chart will display the hours of the day and the frequency of the peak period occurring in each time period across the sites in a user’s selected dataset.
  • A new set of “parking per dwelling” figures, to be displayed within a rank order list for a user’s residential dataset.
  • A restructuring of count types, in light of the recent agreement between TRICS® and Transport for London. A number of new transport modes are being introduced for future surveys in London, with a new “Total Rail” count comprising Underground, Overground, National Rail and Docklands Light Rail.
  • The introduction of “Servicing Vehicle” tick boxes (for future surveys in London, again as part of the TRICS® and TfL agreement), which indicate where such vehicles park.
  • New “Servicing Vehicle” and “Origin & Destination” count types for future surveys in Greater London, for all London data being input following the 7.1.3 release.
  • Addition of a new “Electric Vehicle Charging Points” field, to be added to the Parking Details section of individual site records (for future surveys).
Our unique interactive approach to system development ensures that all TRICS® users have their say in the future of the system, and we remain committed to continuous system development as TRICS® 7 evolves further.

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Use of TRICS® and Membership Increases
For some time now we have had an administrative facility that allows us to monitor the use of TRICS®, in terms of the number of times trip rate calculations are undertaken across the 110 different land use categories within the database. This has helped us to understand trends in the use of TRICS® and has assisted in planning future data collection programmes. The record of trip rate calculations over time is also an excellent indicator of the general state of the transport planning and development industry. As more development proposals come through, the use of TRICS® increases, and there is some good news to share with the TRICS® Community, which can be seen in the graph below.

This graph represents the “Top 7” main land use classification types in the database, these being Retail, Employment, Residential, Education, Health, Hotel Food & Drink, and Leisure. Over time, covering a period of three years, the number of trip rate calculations undertaken by users is displayed.

The most striking thing to see since the beginning of 2013 is the apparent growth in residential development, as indicated by the quite dramatic rise in the number of residential trip rate calculations undertaken. The same can be said to a lesser degree for employment and retail. More good news for TRICS® is an increase in the number of member organisations. Since 1st April 2014, we have had 19 new organisations joining, continuing the trend in growth that we saw in 2013/14. We now have a total of 308 organisations across the UK and Ireland using the system.

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Surge of TRICS® Surveys in Greater London
In the previous newsletter, the April 2014 agreement between TRICS® and Transport for London was discussed, and since then we have been very busy with requests for multi-modal surveys across the capital. Whereas prior to 2014 such surveys would have been undertaken to be TRAVL-compliant, these surveys now all need to be TRICS®-compliant, and the first batch of these counts will be available to all users when TRICS® 7.1.3 is released in December.

At the time of writing, 9 Greater London surveys outside of the standard data collection programme (i.e. directly commissioned) have been validated, and will be available in the forthcoming system update. In total, since 1st April, 18 surveys have been commissioned or in the process of being commissioned. On top of this, 23 surveys as part of our annual data collection programme have also been undertaken in the capital, and these will be supplied for input and validation soon. So things are looking good for TRICS® in Greater London.

In 2015, there are going to be a further 24 scheduled surveys in the capital, split between two programmes in the Spring and Autumn, and we are expecting up to 50 separately commissioned surveys to take place. TRICS® has always been committed to data collection in London, but the agreement with TfL has taken things much further, and TRICS® is now the standard method for data collection across the London Boroughs.

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Pass-By & Diverted Trips Research Report Due
As mentioned in our previous newsletter, work has been taking place on the publication of a new TRICS® Research Report into Pass-By & Diverted Trips. Intended as an update of the very popular 1995 report of the same name (which is still being used to this day), we are intending to issue the final version of the document shortly.

This work has been ongoing for several months, with the draft version of the report recently subject to peer review and amendment. We are pleased to say that there are just a final few changes required before we can release our findings to the TRICS® Community, which I am sure will be eagerly anticipated. The research includes a through literature review and a look at the key issues, and will also include guidance on survey methodologies.

We have found this subject to be quite complex and challenging, but we hope that our final research report will provide readers with good quality guidance for tackling this important subject in the future. All members of the TRICS® Community will be informed as soon as the report is made available, and it will also be included in the Library module of TRICS® 7.1.3 in December.

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2015 Data Collection Site Visits Underway
The biggest part of the TRICS® project, as you may well know, is our comprehensive annual data collection programme, covering a wide variety of land use categories across all 17 regions of the UK and Ireland. There are almost 7,000 transport surveys now on the TRICS® database, which have been accumulated over a period of 25 years and counting, and 2015 will be no exception in terms of adding new survey data to the system.

We have just recently commenced with undertaking site visits for our 2015 data collection programme, with Scotland, East Anglia and East Midlands being the first regions to be visited by members of the TRICS® team. The process of site visits, survey specifications, the tendering of regional data collection packages and the actual undertaking of survey counts is continuous, with new batches of data regularly added to database updates. The site visits that are being undertaken right now will lead to surveys taking place in the Spring/Summer window, starting in April 2015.

We are particularly interested in your own ideas for potential sites that could be considered for inclusion in our data collection programme across the regions. If you could assist in obtaining permissions for such sites that would be even better. If you have any sites in your region that you think may be of benefit to our programme please contact a member of the TRICS® team.

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Follow TRICS® on Twitter and LinkedIn
Keeping up to date with the modern age of social media, TRICS® can now be found on Twitter and LinkedIn. So why not follow us online and be the first to hear of project updates, new system releases and developments, data collection programmes, research topics and our user events.

We have already started to attract a following on Twitter. You can find us there by searching for the username @trics89. If you are a member of LinkedIn, you will see that the “TRICS” group has also attracted a significant number of members. So here is your opportunity to get involved in the discussion as TRICS® continues through an exciting period of significant development and change.

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TRICS® Training Sessions available
TRICS® training sessions are available to all users. These sessions consist of a full system demonstration plus an interactive workshop session, which allows attendees to fully test the system. These sessions continue to receive good feedback and have been popular with our members at universities, councils and consultancies.

For information on training sessions, please contact a member of the TRICS® team.

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Quarterly payment option available
We are pleased to confirm the continued availability of a quarterly payment option for all of our members. We understand that cash-flow can be an issue in the current economic conditions, and this option allows user organisations to spread the cost of their annual licences across four quarterly payments, rather than having to pay for their licence in one go. For those wishing to take up this offer, four invoices will be forwarded instead of one, at three-monthly intervals. This does not affect user expiry dates in any way, and all you need to do to set up this option is contact a member of the TRICS® team when your licence is due for renewal.

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Free 1 month trial of TRICS® available
A free 1-month trial of the latest full version of TRICS® is available to all organisations upon request. Throughout the free trial period full technical support is available at no cost, and there is no obligation once the period has expired.

Many organisations have already found this trial useful. Anyone interested in the free trial should contact the TRICS® team.

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Standard Assessment Monitoring
SAM has been developed by TRICS® as a system of monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of travel plans. It uses long established TRICS® methods of multi-modal data collection enhanced with comprehensive information on travel plan details to produce robust travel plan survey results.

One Trip Generation System for London: TRICS® Merges with TRAVL

The TRICS® Consortium and Transport for London are pleased to announce the imminent merging of the TRICS® and TRAVL systems, for the first time providing professionals in the transport planning and development management industry with a single, unified resource for trip generation analysis in the capital.

Effective from 1st April 2014, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the launch of the TRICS® project, key elements of the TRAVL database will be contained within a new data export facility live on the web, available to all TRICS® member organisations once logged in at With use of the full TRAVL system being discontinued a few weeks later, whilst the TRAVL Bureau Service will continue to be available for a period of time following this, there will be plenty of time available for TRAVL members to switch over to TRICS® and enjoy the benefits of having access to two systems in one location, with all data being fully endorsed by Transport for London

TRICS User Meeting 2015
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