Suggested Travel Plan/Statement Heads of Terms document or Section 106/278 Clause:

The developer shall prepare a travel plan in accordance with the aims and objectives of National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012), the Government White Paper (July 1998), [Local Authority specific Travel Plan guidance], and in general accordance with the ‘Heads of Travel Plan’ document annexed to the Agreement (if appropriate, specify). Prior to occupation it shall be submitted to the [Council/Authority] for approval, and implemented by the developer in accordance with its approved terms.

The outcomes of the plan shall be monitored in accordance with [Local Authority specific Travel Plan guidance], using the current TRICS® UK Standards, in place at the time when the on-going monitoring is due, or subsequent standards if the monitoring becomes overdue. The costs of commissioning the on-going TRICS® compatible monitoring surveys will be borne by the current landowner.

  The results of the monitoring shall be submitted to TRICS® at no charge for inclusion within the TRICS® database.

In the event that the freeholder fails to commission the required Monitoring Survey, the freeholder shall in addition pay the [Council/Authority] costs in commissioning such survey up to a maximum of [£……..].

Travel Plan Condition

Heads of Terms document or Section 106/278 Clause