Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using SAM?
SAM will allow datasets to be gathered that can trace the development of travel plans, and if travel plan measures are effective, incorporating the TRICS® multi-modal data collection methodology.

Will this mean more work for Planning Authorities?
In the long run, it will decrease the amount of work required for Planning Authorities as TRICS® have the experience and capacity to manage the SAM process and deliver its data.

  Who will be Responsible for Paying the Cost of Surveys?
The DfT’s Guidance on Transport Assessment and ODPM Planning Obligation Circular 05/2005 clearly states that a travel plan informs the transport assessment process and that maintenance payments (such as monitoring fees) should be included in planning obligations. They can be secured and enforced through either S106 agreements or planning conditions and are legally enforceable.

If Local Authorities specify in decision notices that monitoring is required and factor this into the S106 contribution, the monitoring system will be self funded.