The SAM Process

Site Visit
A site visit is undertaken by the TRICS® development team, to assess the specific data collection requirements for each individual development. This takes into account a wide variety of factors present at each site, which are as follows:
  • Site boundary integrity
  • Site parking provision, both on-site and off-site
  • Local public transport accessibility
  • Total number of access points (vehicular and multi-modal)
  • Potential for “through-trips”, parking by non-site users, and any other special conditions
  • The need for direct observations, interviews and head counts
  • Total number of enumerator locations required at any one time
  • Survey requirements of each individual enumerator location.

  Survey Specification
Following each site visit, a comprehensive individual multi-modal survey specification is produced, detailing the exact requirements of the survey. Which are as follows:
  • Details on type of survey and its duration
  • Count/interview
  • instructions for each individual enumerator position
  • Instructions on any special survey conditions required
  • Site access point photographs
Multi-Modal Survey
SAM surveys are undertaken by our approved TRICS® data collection contractors, following our technical guidelines. This survey data is collected in a consistent manner using our established TRICS® multi-modal data collection methodology. The transport count data is supplemented by detailed information on each development’s local environment and surroundings, and on its operations, parking facilities and travel plan initiatives. This information enables monitoring of the travel plan initiatives and measures in a manner that will facilitate future statistical analysis of the relative effectiveness of travel plan measures.
  Data Input & Validation
The resulting data is input by the TRICS® development team, and is subject to the very highest standards of validation and testing. Only when we are fully convinced that all data input meets our standards will survey data be considered ready to be added to one of our quarterly TRICS® database updates.

To ensure consistency and reliability, SAM re-surveys should be carried out during a similar period of the year and on the same day of the week as the original survey. It is recommended that SAM surveys are undertaken in years 1, 3 and 5 of the life of a travel plan, preferably along with additional survey data collected before the travel plan was implemented.

Analysis of Survey Results
Once SAM surveys have been validated, it is then possible to undertake a study of travel plan effectiveness over time. From this analysis it will be possible to determine transfers between modes and any significant reductions in trip rate. The trip rates can be calculated and analysed according to the targets set, for example per person, or per floor area.An independent summary report can be produced by TRICS® detailing the analysis of SAM surveys over time, and the degree to which the targets have been met. The use of an independent 3rd party helps to reduce disputes and obtain agreement in levels of performance more efficiently.